I’m constantly keen to have my next trip lined up, you can see my next two locations on my homepage! I say all the time that there are so many amazing countries in this world and I plan to tick them off one by one with a blog post each time I do. If I can inspire someone to book their own little trip, point towards a good destination or show you how I feel you could best experience a certain location then that’s an absolute win for me. You can see Below is a grid of pictures and this displays all of the countries I have visited thus far. safe to say it’s become my hobby to add to this list and I love to see it grow!

I have a blog post on most of these locations which you can search for and for the non readers out there looking for pure visuals, just hit the destinations drop down and you’ll find a gallery or each location. Part of wanting to travel so much comes down to my passion for taking a good picture! Photography is something that will get better the more you do it so the more trips I take the better and more pleasing my images will become .  . hopefully. If your curious of what I use when I travel then check out my ‘My Travel Photography Gear‘ blog post for the complete low down.