Hey everyone, I’m Gary and I’m 26 years young. Welcome to GCDTravelFit, my travel and lifestyle blog. I say blog, I basically just share each bit of travel I do and regurgitate what goes down on each trip, you guys seem to like it and that makes me happy! What’s better than doing what you love, sharing it with others and getting a great response?! My thoughts exactly. Well I’m set to journey around the world exploring all of the amazing locations it has to offer and I will share all as I go! I post regularly on my Instagram account also and am a budding photographer so be sure to keep posted with me on my social sites. You never know, I may be able to inspire your very own trip whilst giving some in depth destination guidance on where you might want to go!


With each place I visit it’s always a goal to experience as much as I can whether I’m on a short city break in Europe or travelling from one side of America to the other. Being a very active person I’m naturally that individual that is always hungry. Not a bad thing as it actually makes me put in a little bit more effort to find hotels, restaurants and experiences that offer good, fulfilling and healthy food options! I love to share as many of these in my blog posts as possible and don’t worry I’m also always up for trying some of the naughtiness that each country has to offer so keep an eye out for those tasty little treats also!

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Blogging is not my full time job however it does encompass a full time passion of mine! Travelling and photography act as my hobby and they naturally combined to form my blog. GCDTravelFit has grown exponentially in the past year going through a full rebrand, switching web hosts and having the content quality hugely upgraded. I look forward to where the blog will go and where it will take me on my travels and I even more so look forward to having you all there alongisde!