Hey everyone, I’m Gary and I’m 26 years young. Welcome to GCDTravelFit, my travel, food, health and fitness blog. The combination of all of the above is what I aim to share in my posts as I journey around the world exploring all of the amazing locations it has to offer us! I post regularly on Instagram and am a budding photographer so be sure to keep posted with me on my social sites as you may get some cool inspiration and destination guidance on where you might want to go next!




With a good amount of travel under my belt now and some cool blog posts shared I’m constantly keen to have my next trip lined up. There are so many amazing countries in this world to explore and I plan to tick them off one by one and share with you as I do. If I can inspire you to book your own little adventure, point you towards a good destination or show you how I feel you could best experience a certain location then I will! Below is a grid displaying all of the countries I have visited thus far. It’s become my hobby to add to this list and I love to see it grow!



With each place I visit it’s always a goal to try out some of the food that is on offer. Training 6 – 8 times a week means I naturally eat a lot and in order to fuel myself I eat well! Due to this I always put in a little bit more effort to find hotels, restaurants and experiences that offer good, fulfilling and healthy food options. I’ll do my best to share as many of these in my blog posts as possible. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m also always up for trying some of the naughtiness that each country has to offer so keep an eye out for those tasty little treats also! These are however made absolutely acceptable by keeping up my training whilst away so go-to gyms in each country also tend to make an appearance in my posts.