My Intro to Italy – Rome

I couldn’t wait to get this blog up so I’m making use of good wifi and sending this one over from Rome Fiumicino airport. I’ve just spent 4 days exploring, enjoying and becoming educated on Rome and its deeply interesting history.

Rome is full of characteristic old buildings, amazing architecture from years gone by, art that is truly awe inspiring and masses of immense historical sights. This all combined with some incredible sunshine filled days personally made for an unforgettable trip as I’m sure it would for most. Make time in your schedule to see the places below if your in Rome as they shouldn’t be missed. Now almost home I feel I’ve trekked from one side of Rome to the other (legs are aching!) however if I ever go back to this city again I could fill another blog with completely different sites and locations. That is just a testament to how much this wonderful place has to offer.

St Peters Square, Vatican City, The Sistine Chapel & St Peters Basilica.
​Vatican City is the head quarters of the Roman Catholic church and a must see. I had an amazing tour here through its many rooms that house some truly amazing sculptures, historic items and artwork including that done by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. I ended the tour in St Peters Basilica, one of the largest churches in the world before soaking up the sun and enjoying some food in St Peters Square.


The Altare Della Patria, Palatine Hill, The Colosseum & The Roman Forum.
The Altare Della Patria acts almost as a fulcrum to Rome. I used this as a navigation point and it worked very well. You can go right to the top of this amazing building and like on Palatine Hill you’ll get some stunning views across Rome including those of The Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Both of these are must see sights and the history embedded in them both is magical. Get a tour guide to really educate yourself.


The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain & The Pantheon.
My main visit to these came in a morning run through Rome. This is an excellent way to see any city alongside keeping in shape. The Spanish Steps were exactly as described; a famous meeting point! Trevi Fountain had me mesmerised; the skill and time taken to create this masterpiece is unfathomable. The Pantheon did not disappoint; a former Roman temple and now church that is filed with history and is beautifully preserved.


Not to forget, KB Gym.
KB gym was a 2 minute walk from the Vatican area where I stayed and although it’s a kickboxing gym, everyone there was so welcoming and polite. Every person I spoke to in there with my far from perfect Italian was super nice and very enthusiastic about their training which I loved. It had a great atmosphere and it sure felt great to put some Italian pizza to good use.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one!


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